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Making your home healthy & safe

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Children & Expectant Mothers, Pets, New Home or Renovations

Children & Expectant Mothers

There are a multitude of measures that we take to ensure that our kids will be healthy and safe. Having your air ducts cleaned by Air Duct Warriors is one such measure. Ask yourself, is there anything lurking in your ventilation system that could cause concern for your children and/or a newly expectant arrival? The answer is, we don’t know. The professionals at Air Duct Warriors feel that it is best to have your air ducts cleaned, rather than taking a chance. Young lungs are ultra sensitive to dust and allergens. Older homes are of a particular concern to Air Duct Warriors. There are many chemicals and minerals banned today that were used during the years of an older home. Over time, air ducts collect and accumulate what has circulated within a home. We believe that a healthy home is a clean home, and that includes your entire air duct system.

At Air Duct Warriors, we approach every air duct cleaning with diligence, pride and determination. When it comes to children and concerned parents, we seem to find an extra gear and purpose. We are always highly motivated and work in the best interests of our customers, who we view as partners. Let us make your home a healthy and safe place. Call Air Duct Warriors.


We all love our pets, but their fur can be a problem when trying to maintain a clean and healthy home. Did you know that your air duct system becomes contaminated with pet fur and dander that have been pulled into your air vent returns? Cleaning your air ducts removes accumulated fur and dander, preventing it from being redistributed throughout the house. The pet fur that is not redistributed tends to settle and build up in your ductwork so that the indoor air that your family breathes continuously passes through and over it before exiting the dirty air duct system. When Air Duct Warriors meticulously cleans your ductwork, the removal of pet fur, dust, and other contaminants helps reduce odors and allergic irritants.

As said earlier, we love our pets and their health is a priority, but your family’s heath is important too. If you haven’t had your air ducts cleaned in the past 6 years, call Air Duct Warriors. We consider our customers as partners, and we will work with you to create a healthier home.

New Home or Renovations

Congratulations, you just bought a house. But your excitement can be tempered with nervousness. You wonder, were the previous owners clean, did they have pets, and what has been accumulating in the air ducts during their ownership? All of the indoor air your family breathes passes through and over the dust, debris, contaminants, DNA, dust mites, pet fur and dander that has settled in your air ducts. It is almost as if your family is now living with the previous owner. It is time to alleviate your concerns and have your air duct system cleaned by the experts at Air Duct Warriors. You have worked hard to afford your new home, and Air Duct Warriors will work just as hard to assure that your new home’s ducts will be clean, healthy and safe.

Was your new home just built? Most people assume that a newly constructed house has clean ductwork. Our experience has been that this is usually not the case. Construction sites are messy and dirty. You would be surprised at how much debris, sawdust, and pervasive drywall dust finds its way into the air duct system, only to be redistributed throughout the house. The same is true for renovations, if safeguards have not been taken. That is why your new and shiny surfaces are getting noticeable dusty faster than they should. Having Air Duct Warriors clean your entire system will solve this problem.

Let Air Duct Warriors make your home healthy & safe!