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Making your home healthy & safe

Dryer Vent Cleaning

There are 2 ways to prevent the major causes of house fires. Firstly, don’t leave lit candles unattended, and secondly, get your dryer vent cleaned. We can’t help you with the candles, but Air Duct Warriors can remove the lint that has accumulated in your dryer vent. Dryer vent cleaning prevents lint clogs that restrict proper venting of the heat generated by your dryer. If heat builds up, the hot dryer can ignite lint and a fire begins. The same virtues of honesty, respect, and diligence that Air Duct Warriors apply to air duct cleaning, we apply to dryer vent cleaning as well. We too are Dryer Vent Warriors.

A cleaned dryer vent eliminates a fire hazard and makes your home safer. Also the air flows better through a clean dryer vent, reducing drying time and saving electricity. Remember, safety first, and savings second.

Customers regularly ask how often they need to have their dryer vent cleaned. The answer is that each situation and each vent is different. Short vents do not need to be cleaned as often as longer ones. It also depends on how often you do laundry. If you notice that it is taking more than 50 minutes to dry a load, and the drying time continues to lengthen, call Air Duct Warriors immediately. But don’t wait until there is a problem, preventative maintenance is the best approach. When Air Duct Warriors comes to your home we will not only clean and inspect your venting system, we will also recommend a cleaning schedule that best fits your dryer vent design and its frequency of use. dryer vent cleaned by Air Duct WarriorsYour needs exceed ours; we will give you an honest assessment that puts you first. If your dryer vent only requires cleaning every 2 years or not at all, that is what we will tell you. We are honest and informed. Call to schedule an appointment today.