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Making your home healthy & safe

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Warriors remove dust and moldWhen done properly, the average air duct cleaning job should take 3 to 4 hours. The time will vary due to the system’s size and complexity. Air Duct Warriors may need to use extra time to do the job right, and that additional time is at our expense, not yours. We begin by informing the customer of our procedure so you know what to expect. An extremely powerful exterior vacuum is connected to your air duct system to pull with negative pressure. We assist the force of the vacuum’s pull with the push of compressed air. This pushing and pulling action moves the air duct debris towards the vacuum tubing so it can be sucked out of your house and into our containment bin. During this process, all registers are cleaned and sanitized. Special tools designed for air duct cleaning are used to clean the entire system, starting at the registers and running to the trunks lines, and then ultimately to the furnace. We finish by cleaning and sanitizing the furnace. All access points are sealed according to HVAC standards. Finally, our work area is meticulously cleaned and inspected. It is Air Duct Warriors policy to treat all homes with equal respect.

Air duct cleaned by Air Duct WarriorsAir Duct Warriors believes that a clean air duct system is essential in making your home healthy. Young and old lungs are particularly sensitive to the dust and allergens that reside in an air duct system. Allergens from pet fur and dander are pulled into your air ducts. New home construction and renovations provide an ample source of sawdust, debris, and drywall dust that infiltrates an air duct network. Some of these contaminants are spread throughout your home by the HVAC system, while others settle and accumulate within the ductwork. The indoor air that you breathe is being filtered through and flows over this settled junk. These newly created contaminants must be removed by air duct cleaning to insure a healthier home. Whether you just purchased an older house or are expecting a newborn, a healthy and safe home is always a concern. Most of the air that we breathe is indoor air, and that is why indoor air quality (AIQ) is such a priority. Air Duct Warriors is here for you.

As we stated earlier, we believe that a superior air duct cleaner is not defined by the specialty equipment used, but rather by the shear will, pride, and determination that is demonstrated on each job. We are warriors. We remove the dust, debris, and contaminants that reside in your entire air duct system. We clean, clean, and clean further. The experts at Air Duct Warriors hold strong that excellence can not be compromised.

Call us today for an honest and reliable quote. At Air Duct Warriors, we approach our customers as partners. Your health is our success.