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Making your home healthy & safe

Air Duct Warriors

Making homes healthy and safe in Northeast Ohio

Air Duct Warriors performs air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services in the Cleveland, Akron-Canton, and Medina areas. Our customers often include families with children or expectant arrivals. New home buyers, pet owners, and those sensitive to allergens and dust use Air Duct Warriors to clean their dirty ducts. We believe that a superior air duct cleaner is not defined by the specialty equipment used, but rather by the shear will, pride, and determination that is demonstrated on each job. We are warriors. We do not cut corners to make our job easier at your expense. Our pricing is for your entire system with absolutely no add-on charges. We remove the dust, debris, and contaminants that reside in your entire air duct system. We clean, clean, and clean further. The experts at Air Duct Warriors hold strong that excellence can not be compromised.

People often ask if air duct cleaning is necessary. Your ventilation system is constantly working; it pulls in air that is heated or cooled, and then circulates it through your home. In that cycle, your air duct system accumulates dust, allergens, dust mites, dead mice, debris, pet fur, dander, and anything else that may enter the system. Some of these contaminants are redistributed throughout your home by the HVAC system, while others settle and accumulate within the ductwork. The indoor air that you breathe is being filtered through and flows over this settled junk. Most of the air that we breathe is indoor air, and that is why indoor air quality (IAQ) is such a concern.

Air Duct Warriors believes that a clean air duct and dryer vent system is essential in making your home healthy and safe. Dryer vents accumulate lint over time and become a major fire hazard. A cleaned dryer vent makes your home safer. Young and old lungs are particularly sensitive to the dust and allergens that reside in an air duct system. Allergens from pet fur and dander are pulled into your air duct network. New home construction and renovations provide an ample source of sawdust, debris, and drywall dust that infiltrates an air duct system. These newly created contaminants must be removed by air duct cleaning to insure a healthier home. Whether you just purchased an older house or are expecting a newborn, a healthy and safe home is always a concern. Air Duct Warriors is here for you.

At Air Duct Warriors, we approach our customers as partners. Your health is our success.

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